Family History

...was a huge success!!! We had a great turnout. We covered many things about this year's reunion including new dues amounts and structures, hotel info, picnic info, fundraising opportunities, the 70's theme party and so much more! A date has not been set just yet for our next meeting but it will be around the end of February or so.

Download the January 30th meeting's Kickoff Letter -and- Agenda


We need to make sure that we have everyone's correct email address, physical address, and phone number. So, if you would, click on the link below and fill out the form. It is very important that everyone, each individual person, completes this form even if you think/know that we already have your info.

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Smith, Anderson, Martin, & Mitchell

Peggie Matthews 

“What I really appreciate about this family is their love that they give to everyone. Family or friend, you are truly loved."

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2016 Family Reunion Kickoff Meeting

2016 Reunion

Family Talk

S.A.M.M. Family Legacy

2015 Reunion In Sunny Orlando, FL

Roland "RoRo" Alston, Jr.

“This was the best reunion ever! I had so much fun! From beginning to end, everything came together flawlessly!"

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Journey back in time with our Family Historian, Barbara James.

2016 Family Fundraising Opportunities

Brittany Woods

“This year's reunion was amazing! I had a lot of fun. We always have such a great time at all of our family functions."

On Tuesday, July 7th at 1:00 am, 60 eager family members and close friends left Greensboro, NC and headed for sunny Orlando, FL.


14 hours later, after a few stops, we arrived at our destination. Who would've thought that so much fun could be had in 6 wonderful days?! We didn't even want to come back!


Over 1500 pictures were taken! Those and more exciting information about our fun-filled adventures will be posted soon!

YouTube Videos


Sooo exciting! At our next family meeting, we will unveil the awesome Fundraising opportunities that will help with some of the costs of our reunions.